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Czochralski Crystal Growers

Czochralski Crystal Grower

These systems apply the Czochralski method to produce single crystal silicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.

The models JRDL-800 and JRDL-900 only differ in terms of the diameter of the ingots produced. The JRDL-900 can make an ingot with a 203mm diameter and a height of 1,400 mm in 40 hours. The JRDL-800 takes 30 hours for the same height, but offers a lower diameter of 152 mm. The JRDL-800 has a loading capacity of 60kg.

The JD-1040 Mono-Crystal Grower with superconductive magnet has a charge capacity of 150-200kg and produces 8"-12" mono-crystals.

JRDL-800 JRDL-900 JRDL-1040
Maximum charge 60kg 120kg 200kg
Max. ingot size (LxD) 1400x152mm 1400x203mm 1400x305mm
Cycle time 30h 40h 48h
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Benefits of JYT's Czochralski Crystal Growers

  • Market leader with total shipments of more than 600 systems each in 2007 and 2008
  • 10 years of mono-crystal puller manufacturing experience
  • Very low failure rate due to strict quality control procedures
  • Very good value for money