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Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs

Standard Feedthroughs

Magnetic fluid feedthroughs are the ideal way to transfer rotational motion from atmosphere into vacuum or overpressure environments. The rotating components are hermetically sealed by fluid rings held by a permanent magnetic field. Thus friction is reduced resulting in minimized contamination for clean high vacuum, high reliability, outstanding service life, cost effective, high torque transmission, high speed capability, low drag torque, smooth motion also at low speeds and during start-up.

VacSol GmbH offers high quality magnetic rotary feedhroughs for very competitive prices. We would be pleased if we could share our decade long experience on feedhtrough applications with you.

Our product range includes standard and special feedthroughs as well as retrofits of conventional feedthroughs and magnetic fluid feedthroughs of other manufacturers.

We put the main focus on customized designs to suit your application best. We help you to find the optimum solution, a fully functional, reliable quality product at low price.

Special Feedthroughs

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any kind of assistance on this field. You may fill in the specification form sheet or just sent us an email with your inquiry or call us.

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