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Custom Feedthroughs

VacSol GmbH finds customized solutions regarding the magnetic fluid selection, bearing types and location, shaft materials and terminations, shaft sizes. We consider your local arrangements, maximize pressure capability, add water cooling, isolate thermally and electrically and apply any additional features to suit your requirements.

General properties valid for the majority of VacSol-feedthroughs:

Vacuum pressure 10-8mbar
Overpressure (special design) <30 bar
Helium leakage rate 10-11mbar l s-1
Temperature range: uncooled, standad ferrofluid 0 – 80°C
Temperature range: uncooled, special ferrofluid 0 – 150°C
Speed (special design) >30 000 rpm
Gas compatibility inert and other gases depending on temperature partial pressure
Housing material austenitic stainless steel
Shaft material martensitic stainless steel
Magnetic fluids
  • hydrocarbon based - mostly used standard fluid
  • fluorocarbon based - for sealing aggressive gas, suitable at higher temperatures
  • ester based - low drag torque

Selection of additional possible feedthrough features:

  • Stationary housing: Vacuum standard flanges like KF, ISO, CF and others
    Non-standard flanges possible
  • Shaft sizes: From 4 mm to over 350 mm diameter
  • Cooling: Actively liquid cooled stationary housings and shafts
  • Bearing: Simply supported, cantilevered, angular contact bearings, thin section bearing, cross roller bearings